Traineeships provide workplace skills, technical knowledge and qualifications allowing trainees to earn while they learn and employers to grow their workforce. Trainees can be any age, including employees that are still at school.

Qualifications can be delivered completely on the job with support from a trainer/assessor attending the workplace regularly or with a trainee attending independent study classes on site at WEA Illawarra in Wollongong or Balarang with the flexibility to do both as required.

Traineeships are a registered contract between the employer and trainee which are regulated by the NSW Government. For more information see Training Services NSW.

How do you start a traineeship?

If you are looking to employ a trainee and don’t have someone in mind already – contact WEA Illawarra, we may have suitable students looking for a traineeship or we can refer you to Job Active Providers to help with this.

Eligibility  for a traineeship can be confirmed by an Australian Apprenticeship Support Network (AASN) provider. Generally, a trainee will be employed full time or part time, an Australian citizen or permanent resident and living or working in NSW. An AASN provider will complete the paperwork with the employer and trainee so that the contract is registered with Training Services NSW.

Your AASN will also provide you with details of financial incentives and wage subsidies that may be available via the Australian Government. The fee for training for a traineeship is provided by the NSW Government through NSW Smart and Skilled funding.

Once your chosen AASN provider has completed the registration, WEA Illawarra’s Traineeship Coordinator will be in touch to discuss your individual’s workplace training requirements.

Certificate II in Retail Services
Certificate II in Workplace Skills
Certificate III in Accounts Administration
Certificate III in Business
Certificate III in Retail
Certificate IV in Accounting and Bookkeeping
Certificate IV in Business
Certificate IV in Leadership and Management
Diploma of Leadership and Management

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