Creative Travel Smartphone Photography - Blue Mile South, Wollongong

Set amongst the beautiful Wollongong Harbour, and the Pacific Ocean during this comprehensive 4 x hour field trip, Neoklis will teach you Creative Travel Photography with either your Smartphone / Tablet using various Photography techniques especially composition; using the Breakwater Lighthouse, the Flagstaff Lighthouse as your initial subjects / scenery, and then along the Blue Mile further south.

With Neoklis’s in-depth knowledge and experience, during this comprehensive 4 hour field trip, Neoklis will also teach you how to set up and use your Smartphone camera settings properly to capture your travels, scenery, landscape, selfie and capturing the moment.

You will then learn how to make those memories pop! By using processing apps; such as Snapseed (free) and your built in processing app in your iOS / Android - Smartphone or Tablet.

How to interpret and see the light

How to expose and *bracket your exposures of your photographs properly
(*depending on your device), what is H D R ? - High Dynamic Range

Comprehensive Composition tuition including;

Composition and Negative space

Point Of View – POV

Vertical Horizontal
Picture Ratios
Square, rectangular / cinematic
How to zoom with your feet

The Tutor will teach you how to ‘see beyond’ the secret ingredient to great Photography.

How to make your photograph(s), really stand out, and how to get that wow factor and really make them pop!
A demonstration of, digital photography processing apps, and how to use them properly.
How to fine tune, a photograph; exposure, colour, saturation and finer detail
Getting the most out of your Digital Photography Post processing apps using filters and other photo effects.
This outdoor field trip is very suitable for anyone who would like to take their Photography to another level, with either an iOS or Android Smartphone / Table.
It is advisable for students to ensure they have fully charged either their Smartphone / Tablet, with ample space to save photographs, has a camera app or similar enabling to take photographs, the Tutor will have QR codes for students to download free legitimate software from both iOS and Android stores.
You will be given professional, practical and one to one help, hone your Photographic skills, and learn in a relaxed but informative atmosphere, with an experienced Professional Photography Tutor with over 49 years of experience in Photography and over 8 years of Photography Tutoring experience.

A maximum of 6 students for a greater learning experience, and more one to one time with the Tutor.

Course Details

Waiting list
Sat Mar 9 to Sat Mar 9, 2024
1 sessions of 4 hours
9:00 am
Neoklis Bloukos
, ,

Materials Required

The Blue Mile (South) Wollongong NSW.

Time and where to meet: Meet the Tutor at 9 am, adjacent to Yachties Café, 85 Endeavour Drive, Wollongong (we start here and we will progress towards the Breakwater Lighthouse as our first stop we will then progress to Flagstaff Lighthouse and then onto the Blue Mile heading further South down the Blue Mile.

A google pin for your convenience

Getting there:
Transport: You must provide your own transport to Yachties Café, 85 Endeavour Drive, Wollongong NSW 2500.
Our starting point is across the water, and has a direct view across to the Breakwater Lighthouse, Please note; there are 2 x lighthouses, the other is the Flagstaff Lighthouse, please use google map pin to ensure your arrival at the correct location.

Please check road traffic, transport info for rail or bus information to ensure arrival by 9 am.

Parking: Parking is marked and unmarked spaces, parking in Belmore Basin, Endeavour Drive - on street up to 4 hrs (closest to Wollongong Fishing Harbour, 84 Cliff Road, also the twin Endeavour Drive parking lots - off street closest to the Flagstaff Lighthouse, if there are parking meters; Please make sure you have paid for at least 4 hrs or more as we might finish further south than our start location.

DURATION (no of weeks the course will run)
1 half day


What to bring:
· Either iOS or Android Smartphone / Tablet; make sure it is fully charged as your screen and camera will use more power than usual ( if you Smartphone has power saver make sure it is turned on) make sure you turn off Wi-Fi / hot spot etc ,
· Please ensure you enough disk space to save photographs.
· Any accessory lens, or lenses if you have any, for your Smartphone / Tablet
· A Soft microfibre cloth / lens tissue for your lens if you have either
· A soft cloth and lens spray to clean your screen (this is very helpful so you can see your photographs properly for feedback
· A Battery supply / charger to charge your Smartphone / Tablet, if you have one
What to wear:

Please dress sensibly for the weather conditions, this class will run in light rain, bring weatherproof clothing, and bring a mini umbrella only, (no large umbrellas for safety reasons).


As we will walking a fair distance, and for your comfort, please ensure you wear closed in footwear, acceptable rubber soled; closed walking / running shoes; cushioned / weatherproof etc (for your safety please do not wear; sandals, high heels or leather soled shoes)
Please be sure to pack any additional safety items if you require them (personal preference)
· Face mask especially for feedback
· A handkerchief, Tissues
· Alcohol-based hand sanitiser, Disposable gloves , Antibacterial wipes

Additional items:
· It is strongly advisable to bring your ample water at least 1 × 600ml
· Food, snacks, drinks etc
· Card cash for coffee / food
· Bug repellent
· Note pad and pen
· A towel for yourself and your smartphone / tablet
· Mini umbrella (no large umbrellas for safety reasons)

Your tutor Neoklis, is an experienced Professional Photography Tutor with over 49 years of experience in photography and over 8 years of photography tutoring experience.

How to interpret and see the light

How to expose and *bracket your exposures of your photographs properly
(*depending on your device)

Travel Photography
Telling a story through capturing the moment
Composition, POV point of view and timing the 3 essentials in capturing the moment.
Getting a better selfie

Observation and Previsualization
How to observe and find what to photograph

How to see and create from what is in front of you before you actually take a photograph, it is the secret ingredient of great photographers.

Checking your photograph(s)
Digital Post Processing introduction with your Smartphone

Please Note
Please note; General photography is permitted, but; (close-up photos of families / adults and especially identifying children under 18 years old should not be taken, or be published, unless a model waiver has been signed).

Parking fees / transport to and from, water, drinks, snacks, food, lunch etc are not included

These field trips will go ahead even if it is raining lightly, please check for weather conditions

Getting there:
You must provide your own transport to and from this field trip, please always check road traffic, transport info for rail or bus information to ensure arrival on time

Campus Information