Photography for Beginners - Intensive

Learn how to take great photos and join us for this photography course for beginners!
Learn how to get the most out of your camera in this beginner’s class and how to take your camera off of Auto and use the manual settings.
This is an intensive course delivered over 1 full day focusing on Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) and mirrorless cameras with interchangeable lenses.
It covers every aspect of photography, from wide-angle to telephoto and macro. We look at composition in-depth, exploring how to visualise the final photo before pressing the shutter button. You then go on location to compose and shoot your images for class discussion.
Location: Boat harbour

Course Details

Course open
Sat Aug 10 to Sat Aug 10, 2024
1 sessions of 8 hours
8:30 am
Nicolaas Van Oudtshoorn
WEA Wollongong
50-56 Auburn Street, Wollongong, NSW 2500

Materials Required

What to bring:
● DSLR Camera and mirrorless cameras
● Camera Manual
● Fully charged batteries
● Writing materials, paper, etc

Course Outline:
● Examine your camera – overview of features
● Choosing the right lens for the right occasion
● How to hold your camera correctly when taking photos
● Supports for your camera – monopod, tripod, and beanbag
● DSLR camera limitations and how to overcome them
● Difference between film photography and digital photography
● Understanding pixels
Mastering Camera Setting:
● Choosing the right shooting mode
● File format, size, and quality
● White balance and metering modes
● Drive mode – single shot v. multiple shots
● Manual and autofocus modes – which to use when
● Focus points – selecting only one or using them all
● ISO – how to use it to maximum effect and best quality
● Exposure compensation, bracketing, and HDR (high dynamic range)
Aperture and Shutter Speed:
● Understanding depth of field
● Controlling depth of field in aperture priority
● Controlling movement in shutter priority
● Using Auto, Program, and scene selections
● What is light? Colour temperature and intensity and how to control it
● Front light – taking well-lit and colourful pictures
● Sidelight – highlighting texture and emphasising 3D
● Back light-capturing silhouettes and rim-lit subjects
● Diffused light – exploit overcast conditions
● Artificial light – tungsten and flash (both on and off-camera). Synching more than one flash
● Principles of composition – rule of thirds
● Use leading lines to direct the eye
● Portrait or landscape format
● Cropping in-camera – leave enough space around your subject
● Portraits that wow – blur the background
● Different angles and focal lengths – distorting reality
● 5 steps to perfect composition
● Use natural frames
● Look for reflections
● Play with colour and contrast
● Use repetition
● The power of scale
● Let your picture tell a story

Campus Information


There is plenty of parking onsite but please DO NOT TURN RIGHT into the carpark. You could endanger yourself, any passengers and any others on the road.

The centre should be approached from the South, either at the south end of Auburn Street, or by turning into Auburn Street from Swan or West Streets.

Food and Drink

There is a Zip Tap available for those who wish to BYO cup plus tea/coffee/milk supplies.

Please BYO refreshments for your use only.

Confirmation of Course and Purchase of Materials

At times WEA must cancel classes due to lack of enrolments. To avoid undue costs please do not purchase any materials until your course has been confirmed as going ahead.

Please call the WEA office on phone: (02) 4226 1622 three days prior to the commencement of the class to confirm that it will be going ahead.

No Smoking

Please note that WEA is a smoke-free business and smoking is not allowed in the building in the carparks or in any outside area on WEA property.

COVID and your Safety

If you are feeling unwell or displaying covid or cold and flu symptoms, please stay at home and notify our office that you will not be attending classes.

Our staff may ask you to leave if you appear to be unwell so that we protect our students and staff. We will operate according to Public Health Orders as required.

What Students Said

Loved getting hands on help to improve my photographical skills.

Very knowledgeable, approachable and encouraging teacher. Outing to the botanical gardens was a great experience. Good balance between pratical and theory.