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Enrol with Us


To enrol you need to complete and submit an Enrolment Form.

If you have any special needs or require support for a disability, please let us know by specifying this in the relevant section of your enrolment form.

When to enrol?

Please enrol at least one week prior to the course starting date to ensure course materials are ready for you when you begin. If you try to enrol on the day, or after the course starts, we may not be able to accept your application.

How do I enrol?

Your enrolment can be completed a number of ways:

  • online
  • by mail
  • by fax
  • in person at our Wollongong Centre
  • by phone (please have your Visa or MasterCard handy).

Please ensure that you have read and understand the Enrolment Conditions


Enrol online for:

  1. A single person (yourself) in a single course
    Click on the Enrol Now button on the website or on the Enrol Now button located on your selected course. Skip Add Course Participants and go straight to Go To Payment and follow the instructions.
  2. A single person (yourself) in multiple courses
    Open the course information for your first course. Click Add to Cart. This will save the course to the right hand column under the heading Selected Courses. Do this for the other courses you want to enrol in. When you have selected all of the courses you wish to enrol in, click the Enrol Now button located on the right-hand side, underneath your list of courses.

    To enrol a single person in Multiple Courses you need to find the course using the main navigation bar at the top of page then click Enrol Now on that course. This will put that course into your Cart, you can then add more courses, by searching as before, which will then also be added to your Cart. When you are ready to proceed click the Go to Payment button.
  3. Multiple people (yourself, friends, relatives or colleagues) in the same course.
    Find the first course of your choice, and click Add to Cart. You can add as many participants as you wish and their names will be added to the list of names on the screen. Following the process above, clicking the Enrol Now button, either for one course or for multiple courses, will take you to a page that will prompt you to Add Course Participants. This is where you add the name of the person (yourself) or people (friends, relatives and colleagues) enrolling in the course by clicking the green button Add Course Participants and entering all relevant names and email addresses. In all cases, if we already have your details in our database, you can then proceed to the Payment If this is your first course with us, or the first course of your participants, we'll need a few more details first before you can proceed. Once you’re ready, click the Go to Payment button, complete the Enrolment Form and secure payment using MasterCard or Visa then click the button Make a Payment.

Once you have enrolled you will be sent two emails, one is for enrolment confirmation and the other is your tax invoice.

By Mail

Download, print and complete the enrolment form. Once you have filled it in, please post your enrolment form to:

WEA Illawarra
PO Box 1472
NSW 2500

Please make sure that you complete the Credit Card details and that you sign the enrolment form.

By Fax

Download, print and complete the enrolment form. Once you have filled in the form you may fax to your completed form to (02) 4226 1156.

Please make sure that you complete the Credit Card details and that you sign the enrolment form.

In Person

You may enrol in person at the WEA Administration Building in Wollongong. Visa or MasterCard will be accepted. Please ensure that you have your current credit card details ready.

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