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About wea

WEA Illawarra

As a registered training organisation, WEA Illawarra is proud to be able to offer the community quality adult education and lifestyle courses, business training, accredited training, Foundation skills services and access to training and computer rooms for hire.

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WEA Illawarra is part of the Community College network and operates as an independent community based not-for-profit company dedicated to the principles of life-long learning. This means WEA can offer the courses you need and the courses you want at very reasonable prices.

WEA Illawarra recognises the value of a culturally diverse community and this is reflected in the courses we offer. We also value the importance of a tolerant society in which views are freely expressed and each person’s fullest development is encouraged and always seek to provide a welcoming and supportive atmosphere for students and teachers alike.

WEA is the oldest non-government adult education organisation in Australia having been introduced into Australia in 1913. The WEA stands for Workers’ Educational Association and was formed in 1906, in England, as a way to provide workers with the opportunity for education. The first lecture was held in Wollongong in 1914 and until 1993 services in the Illawarra were provided by the Regional Council of the Workers’ Educational Association of NSW. WEA Illawarra registered as a Company in December 1993 and in 2007 the WEA NSW was disbanded. There are three other WEA’s in Australia (WEA Hunter, WEA Sydney, WEA South Australia) however all are independent of each other but sharing a common ancestry.


A brighter future for individuals and their communities.


To enhance employment prospects, lifestyle aspirations and social inclusion opportunities for the benefit of individuals and their communities, through the provision of learning and development services.

To offer services which are equitable in cost and accessibility.

To promote learning as a life-long pursuit contributing towards a culturally diverse community and tolerant and nurturing society.

To provide quality training and services that sustains a growing, vibrant, and financially successful business.

Values - WEA Illawarra values:

  • Equality, respect, tolerance and empathy
  • Integrity, honesty, trust and ethical action
  • Accountability and Professionalism
  • Collaboration and Team work
  • A safe and welcoming learning environment (physical, intellectual, social and emotional)
  • Quality service that leads to satisfied customers and pride in the services offered
  • Being a good community and business citizen with an aspiration for excellence and relevance
  • Leadership that creates positive benefits with the courage to embrace change


Want to find out who the person is on the end of the phone or replying to your email?

WEA employs a small but dedicated and skilled team who work behind the scenes in management and administration.